Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kavita's Kitchen Turns ONE Today & Kung Pao Chicken

This is my big day,I just turned 1 and very fun
you will be surprised with the momentum
I sometimes speed & blow
then for a while I go slow
I bake and I shake to make things great
cookies and breads,sweets & some tweaks
I will do everything till I have enough for Keeps
Exotic & luscious,yummy and nice,
I continue to roll the dice
with renewed energy and recipes under my belt
wait till my culinary delights let your heart melt

Okay I was rambling poetry in case you were wondering....

It makes me happy and gives me immense sense of accomplishment for making  it this far. Thanks to each one of my blogger friends who have made this journey fun and worthwhile. I am happy I have all my recipes in one place and no more random recipe papers sticking out of recipe books*smiles*I want to particularly thank my very first follower-Sujatha of
who was kind enough to have noticed my blog and even kinder to become a follower after her first comment on my post. On that note I want to mention that I am still open to more followers;) So please feel free to follow my blog and I promise- I will follow you back:)

So here is my post on Kung Pao chicken,I love kung pao chicken and it was apt to write a post on my favorite dish to celebrate this day,here goes:


Chicken breast: 1 pound cleaned and pat dried cut into 1 inch pieces
Soy Sauce: 2 tbsp ( I used Kikkoman less sodium soy sauce)
Corn starch: 2 tbsp dissolved in 2 tbsp water
White wine: 2 tbsp
Sesame oil: 2 tbsp
Chilli paste: 2 tbsp (optional and depends on your tolerance for spice)
Distilled White Vinegar: 1 tsp
Brown sugar: 2 tsp
Garlic: 1 tbsp chopped
Water Chestnuts: 1 small can about 20 in number
Celery: 2 stems/stalks cut into 1 inch pieces
Peanuts: 4 tbsp roasted and without the skin
Dried whole red chilies: 5-6
Salt: to your taste

Note: I have used ready made chilly paste with holy basil leaves,this paste lends this kung pao  dish a very authentic taste,I bought this in an oriental store. It is a product of Thailand. If you happen to find this and use it in this dish then please omit the garlic and salt. You can also use green onions in place of celery or along with celery. I have not used green onions here.

Method For Marinate:

1. Take 1 tbsp wine,half of corn starch,1 tbsp sesame oil and 1 tbsp of soy sauce and mix these well in a bowl. 

2. add the chicken pieces to this marinate and leave it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


1. heat a  wok and add 1 tbsp oil to this.
2. when hot add the whole red chilies.
3.Now add the chicken pieces and saute them in oil for 2 -3 minutes on medium flame.
4. take the remaining wine,corn starch,soy,2 tsp brown sugar and mix these.
5. Add this to the wok along with the chicken pieces.
6. Now add the chilli paste and mix this well with the rest of the ingredients in the wok.
7. Add the chestnuts and celery and 1 tsp distilled white vinegar.
8.Add the peanuts  when the chicken and celery & chest nuts are done. Chestnuts and celery tastes good when it has a crunch .
9. Total cooking time is approximately 7- 10 minutes 

Enjoy this with fried rice or plain white rice or sticky rice. 

Bon Appetit :)!!!