Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kachalu shallow Fried/ Taro root,corm boiled& shallow fried

Phew*wipes sweat off the brow* It took me a while to figure out the English name for Kachalu , honestly preparing taro root was easier than looking up the English name for it  :)

 As kids I remember eating Kachalu Chat prepared by my father for an evening snack . I was never found of it and always turned my nose,every time dad gave me some . Apparently  I did not mind the taste of taro root but I guess what bothered me was its texture . This vegetable has too much of soluble starch which gives it , its slimy texture. Later  on I learnt there are better ways to eat  & enjoy this vegetable.  I am sure there are those of you who probably like this vegetable for its  characteristic slimy texture but for those of you who do not-Then this recipe is for you :)

I have prepared the boiled & then fried taro root & then used the same fried taro root for a gravy based dish. I will be writing the recipes for both.

Taro Root/Kachalu Shallow Fried

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves: 4

Taro Root/Kachalu: 8 pieces
Salt,pepper,carom seeds,coriander powder,mango powder : as per your taste
Oil: 4 tbsp


Take taro roots and boil them with little water in the microwave for 8 minutes or till well cooked.
Peel the skin,and slice the taro root vertically in two pieces with a sharp knife.
Take a shallow pan,heat 2 tbsp oil,when hot add carom seeds. Now keep the sliced pieces of taro root on the pan,let them shallow fry for 5 minutes or till the side in the oil starts to turn golden brown. Change sides and cook on the other side. Now add all the dry masalas and toss them,so they are coated well in the dry masalas. Sprinkle mango powder and add 2 tbsp oil and cook for some more time,till all the masalas are cooked well with the taro root.

Serve as a side dish with daal & roti .


  1. wow nice Recipe...

  2. Have tried and tasted so many other varieties of taro (Kerala style) but this one is unique and looks inviting.

  3. I love this fry...looks really nice n yumm

  4. yummy recipe--loved this shallow fry !


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