Monday, December 20, 2010

Herb bread

I was going through Mary's recent round-up on breads and fell in love with each and every recipe and I have promised myself to bake all these breads one by one. I wanted to make the olive herb bread first but I was running out of eggs and had just 4 instead of 6, so I choose this one which was anyways 2nd on my list after the olive bread. I am absolutely thrilled with the result,this savory bread goes so well with a tiny bit of cheese spread and a cup of tea. I ate this for my lunch yesterday and today me and my husband enjoyed it with a glass of Chianti. It tasted absolutely fantastic:) Mary's recipe calls for Non-fat yogurt,but I replaced it with home made yogurt which was a little sour,and instead of Dijon mustard I went in for Napa valley's stone ground mustard which I simply love & also added some red pepper flakes to add the extra kick. The end result was a flavorful  loaf of savory bread,with prominent thyme& basil  flavors mixed with a subtle  tanginess from the sour curd mixed with the stone ground mustard. The recipe called for a 1 quart bread pan,I did not have that so I used a bigger one and you will notice the slices are not big enough as the pan was  quite large for this much batter .

Unbleached Flour: 1 cup
baking Powder: 2 tsp
Fine Sea salt: 1/2 tsp
Large Eggs: 3 lightly beaten
Yogurt: 1 cup(whole milk)
Stone Ground Mustard: 2 tbsp
Parmesan Cheese grated: 1/2 cup
Basil and thyme: 1/2 cup chopped

Pre-heat oven to 425 degree f and grease & flour a 1 quart bread pan. Set aside.
Add the flour,baking powder,mustard,salt,eggs and yogurt and , mix in the food processor.Blend well and add cheese and herbs and process to blend well.
Pour this batter in the greased & floured bread pan.Place the bread pan in the centre and bake till the top turns golden brown .Remove from the oven and let it cool.then turn it onto a wire rack and let it cool completely before slicing the loaf.

Thanks Mary for sharing  such a wonderful recipe :)
Notes: You can use dry herbs if you do not have fresh.
I have used dried basil and fresh thyme.


  1. Kavita-This bread recipe is a yeast! Somehow, yeast and I have a problem. It doesn't rise for me.
    The herb bread is beautiful. I'm going to copy and print this recipe, right are such a sweetheart to share this!
    Thank you for you kind comment. Seriously, Sophia has such a kind heart and caring for the less fortunate, she set up a collection drive at her school for the holidays. She is only 9yrs old with an "old soul"...seriously! I am so blessed with her.

  2. this is a good one kavitha--i saw this recipe too and was planning to do it some time ! urs look equally delectable !

  3. looking wonderful . bread is healthy and perfct for use any time

  4. Fabulous looking bread, i can have them with some soup or else with cheese spread, absolutely inviting..

  5. Hi Kavita..Mary has so many recipes I want to try. You are so good about doing it instead of thinking about it. I love your twists on the recipe. Save a glass of chianti, I'll be right over :)

  6. Oh,,That looks cool....LOvely Herb Bread...I was thinking of doing some bread in my bread machine..So I will try this today.....

  7. Such a beautiful bread! Basil, thyme and mustard makes this bread unique and has its distinctive taste...

  8. This sounds delicious, I love bread...!

  9. Kavita this bread looks health and delicious

  10. Nothing like fresh home made bread,looks perfect and easy to make.

  11. Lovely herb bread..can imagine the flavors of fresh bread..oh dear,superb

  12. Lovely, this bread sounds very flavorful....bookmarked


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