Friday, July 22, 2011

What a Journey !!!

I am glad I have an audience to reach out to with this blog. I am also glad I do not restrict it to just my culinary insights but also refresh it with random musings from time to time,it brings the reader close to the author as the reader can put  a face  to the story/recipe and above all a  personality to relate with in the given context . I have always been drawn to things in a similar  fashion Smile 

I have been away from my blog for a little over three months,but mind you I have been cooking on & off ,there were just too many things happening which were taking precedence over writing & I have to thank all my dear friends who sent out their heartfelt wishes for me on my holiday. Let me tell everyone that I missed reading your posts which  have always inspired me to try and experiment with new ingredients. I am very happy and feel I am back in the routine , now that I have finally started to write on my food blog.

I had the most exquisite time on our family holiday,and I am so glad we made this trip for Manasi’s sake,she wanted to meet up with all her cousins,uncles & aunts before she set off for the college & got busy with school/internships and so many other things that she does. I stayed back longer for over a month and half and took Ashtanga Yoga classes at Mysore. I must admit I have found a new lease of life in my yoga practice. I feel healthier,more flexible and mentally I feel at peace with my surroundings,there is certainly less conflict within,and I am learning to be less hard on myself. The one hour & twenty minutes that I spend in the shala with my body, makes me more aware of my body and my breathing,I feel light mentally even though my body is sore after all the asanas,which are very challenging,but at the end of it all, I know I have unlocked some blockages and am moving a step closer to a healthier and satisfying life.So on all levels Yoga is very fulfilling for me. So on that note I also want my friends to know that I will be writing more on my progress in my asanas,as I do my practice. Of course I will write about my first love which is ,” Food” and occasionally throw in a bit of a yoginis perspective on  food and life generally.  Smile BTW I have joined a yogashala here in CT and practice ashtanga 6 days a week.

I never gave up on taking pictures of the food I prepared and  food that was prepared for me by others ,so I have plenty of recipes to share with all. Also I will be doing a review for Joy Bauer & her books in my next post,it is long overdue as I was very graciously asked if I would be interested in  writing this review on her books,  I was obviously very excited as the name- JOY BAUER  needs no introduction . I have gone through her books and also watched her on Today Show as their Nutritional Expert .

I will be sharing recipes from her book – Slim And Scrumptious,which has over 75 delicious,healthy meals your family will love as the title suggests Slim & scrumptious,I can bet you will be soon heading to the bookstore or order your copies online once you read and find out that Joy Bauer proves that you can eat rich,flavorful food day in and day out and Still be in the best shape of your life.

Her other book –Food Cures  talks about treating common health concerns like – managing diabetes,treat arthritis,boost mood ,end migraines & drop pounds and so much more….

So stay tuned for some illustrated recipes from Slim & Scrumptious & some tips from Food Cures ,till you have ordered your copies to find out the hidden jewels in these books.
More in my next post so long...
Peace !!!


  1. Kavinta, welcome back! You must have had such a fantastic time and how lovely for your daughter to meet all her cousins, etc. Looking forward to your book reviews!

  2. Welcome back Kavita.
    I'm glad you had a great time back home with your family and friends.
    Looking forward to all those yummy recipes...and also know more about Joy BAUER.

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world, Kavitha! I was thinking of you two days back and today I was updated with your post in my dashboard!

  4. Good to have u back!!! Gald u had an inspiring, refreshing, memorable vacation with ur loved ones :):)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. welcome back kavitha..
    pic speaks abt ur holiday fun..:)
    eager to see ur delicious posts again..
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Warm welcome, Kavitha! You have been missed! But we know you have your priorities, so take your own sweet time and we'll wait patiently to see your recipes and read about your adventures. Take care dear!

  7. Welcome back dear ~ missed your presence in the blogsphere! Glad you had a great time in India ~ and hope got enough time to load up on your chats n!
    Looking forward to all your yummy posts! Take care.
    US Masala

  8. Welcome back dear...glad to hear that you enjoyed your vacation to the max....

  9. Welcome back Kavita,happy to hear that you had a wonderful time in India.Looking forward to all your delicious posts and to hear your perspective on yoga.

  10. kavitha great to know u r back in blogdom and nice to know that u spent quality time with family and most importantly your self- have heard magical things about ashtannga yoga and that u have positive implications from that is lovely- welcome back gal and nice review of the bauer book in your latest post !!

  11. Gr8 to have you back in action Kavita :) Look forward to your recipes and your comments :)))) cheers, priya

  12. Welcome back Kavita. So the trip was smashing right? :D I am waiting to run off for such a trip. Hopefully soon :) Will look forward for all your recipes :D


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