Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Tribute To Steve Jobs

Today, I wonder what Steve Jobs will be in his next avatar.

 I say that because like all Hindus I believe in reincarnation. The body dies but the soul lives on and finds a new body. There is also  something called as an elevated consciousness within  a person who has been very driven and passionate about something all his life, Such a person when breathing his last moments is still aware  of that force which drives him. A person   such as this ,will carry the imprint of that force on every single cell in his body so much so that he will be capable of choosing what he wants to be in his next birth. So elevated souls who have accumulated good karma in  this life by their deeds and who have become one with their souls and understand SELF either by means of higher intellect or hard work are people who are empowered by awareness when they breathe their last .

Steve Jobs was a ,"yogi" not in the conventional sense but if yoga stands for mental, physical and spiritual discipline than he certainly was someone who despite all odds lived his life by all these standards. So I consider him a true Yogi. He was working hard, not for money but because there was this futuristic vision which was driving him to come up with magical inventions even before people thought they would need something like that. He was a dynamic visionary & a wonderful human being.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was a Buddhist

God creates very few men like him and takes them away for a reason.


  1. Kavita-I totally agree with you about reincarnation! The soul lives on and it reincarnates until it comes to a full circle!
    Steve Jobs was a genius, and an incredible human being. He will be greatly missed by all!

  2. May his soul rest in peace..Even i was surprised when i came to know he was a buddhist,incredible na..

  3. heartfelt condolences on the passing away of this wonderful visionary.

    I've read bits about him which made me his fan immediately. though i knew abt his illness never did i know he would pass away so quickly!

  4. Steve will be missed..a lot..May his soul rest in peace..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. Its a total loss for us to loose him so early..let him RIP..!
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Very nice tribute. I also wonder what wonderful presence he will grace the world with next. Thanks Kavita for reminding us of the great cycle of life.

  7. First of, congrats on your big milestone :) wish you many more!

    yes, this was a sad day for the world indeed! Good to see you back in full swing mrs K - have not seen you around for a while :)
    My daughter cracked this joke today which I shared on my FB page -

    It is ironic that PC finally got the better of Apple's head honcho!

    On a last note, having my blog anniversary giveaways happening until the end of the month so do check it out


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