Monday, November 15, 2010

One lovely Blog,Award !!!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth for sharing back the award with me. I am thrilled and my earnest urge to everyone around here in food blogosphere and otherwise also to visit my friend Elizabeth's blog  to go through some amazing recipes . I have found her recipes to be very healthy  and I have to admit they are on the TOP when it comes to flavors-she has a flair of incorporating Indian spices along with Hungarian paprika in her recipes.

I am keeping 2 awards with me till the end of this month before I share them with my other blogger friends. One  is by Elizabeth  which I just posted and my very first award by Sujatha of I cannot thank Sujatha enough for being so helpful at a point when I  had just embarked on this blogging journey. She kept the flow of comments constant and also gave some useful tips on  the do' s & don'ts of Blogging:) Sujatha has two amazing twin boys(2 year old) and is a programmer and full time working mother and yet finds the time to blog such innovative recipes.Please do visit her blog.


  1. Congrats on ur award and you have a nice space. Keep rocking

  2. I got this award too and thats how i found ur lovely blog:-)
    Lods of deliciousness around here!


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