Thursday, October 21, 2010


Kwality in Cannaught Place Delhi , is by far the most popular place for, the best Chola Bhatura's ever. Your trip to Delhi,India , is incomplete if Kwality is not featured on your list of ,things to do . Kwality's chola's are a bench mark, having said that,I know I will sound  immodest if I were to say that some friends of ours  tasted the chola's I made and commented that the chola's reminded  them of Kwality's chola:) I was so thrilled that I almost gave up all the other recipes of chola's I use to try  until then ,and stuck to this particular one ,and trust me this also happens to be the easiest of all . No chopping onions and no watery eyes:)

garbanzo Beans: 1can 439 gms (drained and washed)
Gram daal/chana daal : 1 cup , soaked for 2-3 hours
Tea bags of black tea: 2
Whole garam masala: 2 cloves,5-7 peppercorns,1 black cardamom (tied in a muslin cloth)
mango Powder/Amchur: 1tbsp
Garam Masala Powder : 1tsp
salt: 1 tsp
ginger: Thin strips of ginger about 15- 20
Oil: 2-3 tbsp

Ginger,garam masala,Mango Powder
Take a pressure cooker and boil the garbanzo beans along with the chana daal with 3/4th glass of water and throw in the garam masala tied in the muslin cloth. Also add 2 tea bags of black tea & salt. Let it pressure cook for 5-7 minutes and turn off the flame.
Take a big kadai/pan, and roast the garam masala and mango powder till it changes color to look the color of dark chocolate. Now add oil and the thin strips of ginger.

Open the pressure cooker's lid ,Discard the tea bag and muslin cloth with the garam masala. Check the chana daal it should easily mash with the spoon. Now vigorously run the spoon through this till all the chana daal has mashed and there is no trace of runny water. The chola's should stay intact. The key to adding the chana daal is to make the base for chola's thick. Now add this to the oil with garam masala& mango powder. Mix well and serve with onions and garnish with tomato and cilantro. You can eat this with puri's,bhatura's or Nan or plain roti/Phulka. Enjoy the Kwality chola's in the comfort of your home:)!

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