Sunday, October 17, 2010

Postu Aloo/Khus Khus Aloo/Poppy Seed Potato

I am not sure where this dish originated,but I remember I was introduced to Postu Aloo at my very dear friend Malati's house in Pondicherry. Malati I love you,and I dedicate this dish to you. Malati also lived in Nepal for a couple years and she mentioned aloo postu was added to her culinary repertoire during her stay there. So if I were to give it a good guess then it would be Nepal which is India's neighbouring country and home to the highest peak in the world , Mount Everest .Which is located in the Himalayan ranges in Nepal. On the border of Tibet & China. Cheers to the all the 2,100 people worldwide who have summited Mount Everest (including the Sherpa's and the guides). On this note I share this aloo postu recipe with everyone who loves cooking in Mustard oil :) here goes....

Potato's Large 2 pound boiled and peeled and roughly diced into 2-3 inch pieces
green Chilli - 6-7 Long green desi Mirch/Green Chilly
Postu/Poppy Seed/Khus Khus: 4 Tbsp
Coriander seeds: 2 tbsp
Lime: Juice of 2 lemons squeezed.
Mustard oil: 3 tbsp
salt :1 tsp

Take a Kadai/frying pan/heavy bottomed vessel

Heat 4 tbsp of mustard oil
Roast coriander seeds and postu on a griddle till you get a nice pleasant whiff of roasted coriander.
grind these in  the coffee grinder (put this aside)
The oil is now hot,the aroma of mustard oil is going to be strong and pungent. You have to heat the oil to smoking point,keep the exhaust on:)
Make a slit in the green chilli and add to the oil. If you add the chilli without making a slit,the moisture  in the chilli's and the heated oil will result in the chilly 's exploding. So make sure you make long slits through the centre  for the moisture to escape. These two will still create a lot of sputtering and you might want to move away from the vessel or just keep a lid  handy to cover this for the first few seconds. When the sputtering has died , uncover the lid.
Now add the boiled and chopped potato's and add the postu and coriander masala,along with the salt and mix well, add the lime juice and garnish with chopped cilantro/green coriander and serve with hot roti's/naan/bread

Note: This is from my earlier recipes,but I promise to prepare it and take a picture and post it soon. So please do check back for pictures.

Boiled Potato

Chilli's In Hot Mustard Oil


  1. Di, thanks its a great help... am sure i will not let u down and make all these... my personal receipe book.INDIA IS PROUD OF U

  2. Hi Kavita,
    Was waiting to make this for a long time. Will make it easier for me to do so now. I have had the pleasure of trying this dish at one of our parties and I loved it. Great job with the recipes!!

  3. Hi Kavita aunty,

    Reading your blogs AT WORK is so not good for me, LOL. I might end up typing up recipes in my reports hahahhaa! can't wait to make the spinach rice! love lots & kisses.

  4. hehehe Dia do you notice,I am doing so many bengali recipes. I might borrow your Macher Jhol recipe for my blog soon. I have to start making that,I love eating macher jhol & bhaat:)


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