Monday, October 18, 2010

Naivedya Choco Bite

My other half was away on a business trip to India:) and got back yesterday . He took off some time and met up with my family. I have been trying to reorganize my pantry since:) Yes- he did bring so much good stuff. I know we pretty much get everything  in this part of the world but again there are some very local things unique to the town/city which have this very distinct taste & flavor which can never be replicated especially when it comes to the local halwai's of India.

I have to mention this  new sweet shop to everyone who has a sweet tooth and  has had enough but is always craving for more.. ( BTW that would be me) Last night I had the fortune of sinking my teeth  into one such master piece . It is called  choco bites and each piece comes individually wrapped.The good thing is this special variety has a longer shelf  life without refrigeration. My sister tells me 3 months. She would have checked with the halwai. This is a new sweet shop in Raipur,Chattisgarh and the name you want to be looking for ,if ever in Raipur is NAIVEDYA sweets. The choco bite is probably a cousin of Sohan Papdi,but does not break and crumble when you bite into it. It has just a hint of crunchy thinly sliced roasted nuts and the texture is smooth and  it just melts in your mouth . All that you manage after drowning your self in this sweet pleasure is AA AAH ;)

keep checking for more there will Saibhaji  next on popular demand by my darlin' niece  and speaking of saibhaji there is one name that instantly pops out Dia....So my dear Ruby and Dia  this one is for you :)!

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